Management Apprenticeships as popular as ever

The proportion of learners taking management apprenticeships has doubled in the last two years and management standards now make up a fifth of all apprenticeship starts on standards.

In Sysco’s specialist area of Management, one of our more popular qualifications, the Level 5 Management Apprenticeship standard is responsible for 66 per cent of all level five starts on standards last year, according to the provisional data for 2017/18 released by the Department for Education last month, while our second most popular apprenticeship, Team Leader/Supervisor made up a further 22 per cent of all Level 3 starts.

Often, employers new to the Apprenticeship programme believe that an Apprentice is often an entry level employee who has either recently been recruited or has been recruited specifically as an apprentice. This is not the case, and the upskilling of employees has become more popular with our clients who have large levy pots and are seeking to engage with Apprenticeships in order to fill skills gaps. As a result, Management Apprenticeships have become popular with our clients who want to focus on upskilling employees rather than hiring a large number of individuals into their workforce.

The Institute for Apprenticeships are consistently working with employers “to help them develop the apprenticeships that businesses need” and Sysco are no different. We work with employers to provide bespoke training solutions that lead to longer term employment, identifying and closing skills gap and ultimately helping the local and national economy to grow.

Sysco’s Management Apprenticeships are popular with our clients and apprentices, as most people who progress to more senior levels need management skills.

In 2015/16, approximately nine per cent of all new starts at all ages and all levels were management apprenticeship frameworks. This grew to 15 per cent for standards in 2016/17, before taking the leap to 21 per cent by 2017/18.

As the largest ILM centre in the North West, Leadership and Management at levels 3, 5 and 7 has been a large part of of delivery portfolio for over 15 years. Increasingly, Management apprenticeships have become a large part of our delivery and this is borne out nationally. The level 5 Operations/Departmental manager standard made up two thirds of all level five standards in 2017/18, having grown in one year from 813 apprentices to 7,756.

The level three team leader standard made up over a fifth of all level three standards last year, growing from 1,802 apprentices to 17,103. The level three team leader standard is now the most popular of all, with the level two adult care worker standard taking the second top spot with 10,463 starts last year.

>Anne Milton, the skills minister, has said reforms to the apprenticeship system are focused on creating “long-term investment in skills training” and Sysco are dedicated to making this a reality.

The skills minister also highlighted the fact that “there are now high-quality management apprenticeships available in lots of different sectors, creating the leaders our businesses need to grow.

“Apprenticeships are designed by employers themselves and the apprenticeship levy lets them choose where to spend money on training, based on their individual needs” Sysco can provide organisational support to help employers, identifying skills gaps and implementing training solutions that aid in their long term prosperity.

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