The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), Apprenticeship funding rules, require that learners receive off the job training within their normal working hours (excluding overtime).
Off the job training must enable learners to achieve the required knowledge, skills and behaviours, as set out in the apprenticeship standards but it cannot include training that is provided by the employer that does not directly link to the standards you are undertaking.
The following guide will assist you in deciding what can and can’t be included:
When you receive your registration paperwork, you will also receive a guided learning hours spreadsheet that you will use throughout the apprenticeship to log your guided learning hours. This must be updated regularly and uploaded onto your Learning Assistant account at the end of each month. The total number of hours that you will need to complete for the whole apprenticeship length will be pre-populated and as you include your time, it will calculate this for you at the bottom, so ensure that you update and submit the same form each month.

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