Whilst on programme learners will complete a robust and personalised starting points assessment which will encompass agreeing and setting personal development milestone targets which will be monitored throughout their programme within teaching and development, one to one sessions and personal reviews.

Learners will:

  • Have access a broad and balanced curriculum that combines both knowledge-based teaching with skills-based learning.
  • Will make good to outstanding progress against personal milestones.
  • Have a sense of pride in their learning and achievements
  • Develop skills to retain information meaning that knowledge is generative and has a positive impact on their long-term memory
  • Develop knowledge that relates to the following core topic areas:



                British Values

                Mental Health

              Equality & Diversity

                Digital Skills


                Harmful Sexual Behaviour


As a learner you develop a deep understanding of the core topic areas delivered as part of the Enrichment curriculum, for life beyond completing their standards qualifications.

Our enrichment programme is an excellent opportunity for you to build on and develop your knowledge and awareness of wider topics, which can support yourself and your staff and colleagues within the workplace. Our enrichment programme raises understanding on key themes, along with empowering you. It also gives you’re the opportunity to develop resilience and identify support options.

At the start of your learning journey with us we will review your current knowledge within the enrichment key themes and agree an individual plan to build up on this. It is our intention to review these key themes ongoing so that your knowledge of the wider topics can be developed over a period of time. This maybe within your workshop sessions, completing enrichment training, including online discussions with your tutor, receiving, and digesting up to date information and guidance.

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