As a learner registered with Sysco Business Skills Academy, you will also gain access to the Unifrog platform. Unifrog helps people find and apply for the best opportunities for them when looking at next steps in their career. Unifrog also help their tutors manage the careers guidance process. Unifrog offers an impartial careers information for users and the platform helps students successfully apply for opportunities by writing their personal statement, applications and CVs and guiding them through the process, allowing tutors to give live feedback.


Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) is an integral part of the learner journey from the very first contact, through the training and assessment process, past final certification and beyond into the learner’s career. The objective is to promote, encourage and nurture learning as an ongoing process. The Sysco Group is committed to supporting its learners to identify and complete qualifications that fulfil their full potential and meet their individual, personal and professional needs, and career aspirational goals. We will ensure that the processes of informing, advising and guiding learners are accorded a high priority, and are recognised as being crucial in enabling learners to make decisions regarding the opportunities and challenges of adult and working life We recognise the essential part played by IAG in supporting our learners to make choices about their lifestyle, education, and future careers, to raise their aspiration and achievements. IAG also plays an important role in developing and broadening the curriculum, increasing participation, and improving the achievement and progress of all learners. This policy sets out a commitment by Sysco to implement IAG standards and to support an entitlement for all learners. To make it accessible, attractive, relevant and provide clear progression, coherent programmes and flexible, differentiated learning opportunities.

Our Aim Our aim is to provide appropriate and impartial information, advice and guidance to potential learners, current learners and employers at the initial contact and recruitment phase, through the induction process, whilst they participate on programmes, and on exit from programmes.



• We will endeavour to make our IAG provision; easily accessible, timely, visible, and well defined in an understandable format.

• Providing current and accurate careers information and application support where possible.

• Provide accessible links to a range of specialist, supportive agencies, both internal and external, such as Safeguarding staff, mental health support officers and English and maths Specialists.

• Ensure IAG meets the diverse needs of learners and employers.

• Provide impartial, confidential and needs focussed IAG to correspond with learner risk rating.

• Provide clear advice about the education and training options open to learners whilst also encouraging learners to consider long term career goals and aspirations.


Learner Entitlement – Learners at Sysco will:

• Receive up to date information on all its course programmes and support services available to be able to make informed choices.


• Receive clear impartial advice and information about all the options available, so that they understand what they involve.


• Gain information relating to entry criteria, qualifications, accreditation, workloads, and modes of study.


• Have an individual interview and deep dive to establish starting points and receive career information advice and guidance. Learners that are already employed at the commencement of the programme will still be given impartial advice that is appropriate.


• Agree an Individual Learning Plan with milestones that accounts for each learner’s specific needs, aims and ambitions.


• Be given the opportunity to be involved in making decisions about things that effect their learning.


• Have a programme of careers education helping them develop skills and knowledge to make choices and the transition within their chosen industry.


• Gain 121 and group support during their learning and training with careers advice and guidance, enabling them to make choices and complete a career plan.


• Support to progress in chosen career path by developing knowledge, skills and behaviours’ developing transferable skills and gaining new qualifications.


• Regular personal support and information on how well they are doing though frequent progress reviews.


• Access to support Specialists such as English, Maths, Safeguarding and Mental Health staff.


• Signposting or referral, where relevant, to other appropriate agencies and service providers such as Citizens Advice.


• Advice on learning routes available if they withdraw from a programme (including any learner whose employment is termination due to their performance and/or behaviour).


• Access to Hot Topics to support and raise awareness of core topic areas including Safeguarding, Prevent, Equality and Diversity and British values



Policies and Procedures

The delivery of this entitlement is underpinned by the following values:

• Effective communication by Sysco staff 

• Impartiality • Confidentiality

 • Ownership by the learner

• Promotion of Equality of opportunity 

• Transparency • Accessibility

IAG needs to be available to learners at a time which is appropriate to their needs and in a format and style which allows them to make maximum use of the service. Clear information on how to access information, advice and guidance will be provided for all learners. This entitlement will be made known to all learners through induction, E-portfolio systems, learner resources and planning materials. Learners will also be encouraged to review their entitlement and provide feedback within progress review meetings.


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