Building communities and connections is inherent in human nature. From the time of tribal gatherings to social clubs and now through online groups, group interactions introduce us to new ideas, new people, and provide a sense of belonging.

Belonging to a supportive, caring community has a positive impact on an individual’s overall health through good times and adversity, the power of a strong, supportive community, where people pitch in and help each other practically, emotionally and socially, also enables vulnerable individuals and the entire community to respond better, adapt and recover from adverse events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Education can bring people together. Education helps people accept the concept of diversity, helping them understand and appreciate the importance of studying with people from different backgrounds. People develop a sense of respect for other cultures through education, which helps unify communities.

By bringing people together, education helps create a better world. After all, if people do not learn about other cultures and backgrounds, they may develop narrow-mindedness. When this happens, the importance of diversity is lost, along with the important lessons that can be learned from different groups of people around the world.

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