Sysco are committed to achieving the highest standards of safeguarding and well-being of all students. All staff recognise that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and have undertaken safeguarding training. At each of our Sysco’s campuses there is a Designated Safeguarding Officer who is responsible for safeguarding and we also have Designated Safeguarding Officers based at our head office who are responsible for the overall management and support of safeguarding.

Sysco has a safeguarding strategy which incorporates PREVENT. The strategy sets out our commitment and arrangements to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all students, also in line with the statutory duties.

When should a student contact a Safeguarding Officer?

There may be various reasons why you may want to contact our safeguarding officers, for example;
  • If you are being forcibly controlled (coercive control) and this for example is having an impact on your freedom and human rights.
  • If you or another student you are aware of has been approached by extremist groups who are forcing or adding pressure in extremist views.
  • If you are experiencing bullying or harassment (this also includes sexual harassment and harmful sexual behaviour).
  • If you have received pressure or been recruited to sell drugs or store them by gangs (county lines).
  • If you feel your online safety has been compromised i.e. harassment on line.
Whatever the concern is if you feel your safety and wellbeing is at risk then you are best informing one of our Safeguarding Officers who can provide support and contact if required any relevant agencies or support networks.

For information on available support options please refer to our support referral list:

Support Referral List


Nadine McEnuff


Sally Morgan


Liam O’Brien


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