Sysco Business Skills Academy provide apprenticeships and work place qualifications to students of any age. An increasing number of companies are employing young apprentices or using apprenticeships as a route to expanding the capabilities of their existing staff.
Whether you are an individual looking for work or an employer wanting to recruit new talent or re-shape the skills of your current staff, an Apprenticeship is one of your best options. We provide Apprenticeships in the following areas:

What is an Apprenticeship?

Our apprenticeships are available in a range of sectors matching all levels of experience and contain three elements...
National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) - NVQ’s are work-related qualifications based on national occupational standards that develop the practical skills and knowledge needed in a specific job. They are split into units and each unit is assessed. Assessments will be through the observation of practical work and the creation of a portfolio of evidence.
Functional Skills - Key skills are a range of essential skills required in everyday life and in the workplace. These include: Communication, Information Technology and Application of Numbers.
Technical Certificate - Technical certificates are aimed at developing your skills and knowledge in a particular aspect of your job.

What will an Apprenticeship do for you?

Apprenticeships give you the workplace experience and instruction to improve your performance and career prospects. Employers have a chance to train and mould you into valued and productive employee. Furthermore, they will appreciate the knowledge and expertise that you are gaining and feel a sense of loyalty to you and your career.

What comes after an Apprenticeship?

Upon completion of your apprenticeship you will be in in a position to move straight into employment in your chosen field. 90% of apprentices stay in employment after completing their apprenticeship with 71% remaining with their current employer. You will also have the option to progress into Higher Education with almost one fifth of apprentices enrolling on degree level qualifications.

Why choose Sysco Business Skills Academy?

Sysco work with apprentices and employers to reward and recognise employees for their work by offering them an opportunity to gain nationally recognised qualifications for the work that they do, whilst increasing their knowledge, confidence and ultimately improving their skills within their job role.

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