Adult Learning and Education

Health and Social Care, Maths and English, Information Technology and Warehousing.
Sysco provide holistic support in the recruitment of new staff in addition to our organisational development programmes. We enable clients to plan effective recruitment campaigns and engage in succession planning through multi-stakeholder partnerships and tailoring delivery to employers’ pre and post recruitment needs through Health and Social Care Training, Information Technology training, Warehousing training and maths and English training via the Adult Education Budget (AEB) for 19+. This allows us to identify employer needs’ and focus delivery to ensure local learners have the appropriate skills and knowledge to become part of growing local business.
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Maths and English
Health and Social Care

  • It came as no surprise to me to find out that the club had been implementing this type of program. It is fantastic that the training was provided by The Sysco Group, a local company which understands the passion of the project.
    Andrew Parkinson, Commercial Director
    Liverpool Football Club
  • Employees can see that the Sysco programmes are more than a simple seminar – it goes on to help them for years to come as they climb the career ladder with CIC. Team leaders and employees work together and support each other. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.
    Lynette Cowburn, Learning and Leadership Development Manager
  • I’ve found Sysco very approachable – they were able to support me in all the ideas I put forward to them. Sysco worked with me on the Health and Safety programme initially which generated ideas for the introduction of a Leadership and Management programme. We’ve lowered accident rates following the Health and Safety Awareness training – that’s a very tangible result.
    Caroline Russett, Group HR Manager
    Boughey Distribution
  • We’re committed to offering the highest standard of customer service and welcomed the opportunity to work with Sysco to attain the WorldHost accreditation for excellent client care. Everyone in the business took part, from apprentices to directors and secretaries to solicitors, and we all felt that the 1-day course added real value to the business.
    Steve Bradley, Operations Manager
    Hampson Hughes