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Sysco Business Skills Academy have significant experience in providing maths and English courses. Sysco have been providing training in the Adult Education sector for a number of years and are currently offering fully funded training for maths and English, Health and Social Care and Information Technology. All of out adult training is 100% funded by the government, meaning it comes at no cost to any individuals or businesses. At Sysco we also offer a range of accredited and non-accredited sector based training that is tailored to suit individual requirements with the aim of increasing productivity. Below we have included information relating to the maths and English courses we deliver...

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Maths and English Courses

Sysco offer FREE functional skills Maths and English courses to help you develop the essential skills you need to progress into college or to improve your C.V. and get a job. Even if you just want to help your children with their homework or manage your household budget, these free courses can equip you with the practical skills needed. With a number of establishments now accepting Functional Skills, these maths and English courses can offer a real alternative to GCSE's for students who are 19+.
We offer Accredited Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications available for all individuals aged 19+ and have two delivery options for individuals who want to complete a course with us.
  • Full time - Monday to Friday over 2 weeks
  • Part time - 10 half days over 10 weeks

Functional skills English
This course will develop your confidence in English and skills such as speaking and listening, spelling, grammar, reading and writing. This is a national Level 2 qualification which is the equivalent to a 4 at GCSE.
Functional skills Maths
This course will help you develop confidence in maths and skills such as working with money, fractions, decimals and percentages. This is a national Level 2 qualification which is the equivalent to a 4 at GCSE.
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