Tuesday the 16th October was a big day in the history of one of our clients, The Forshaw Group. They celebrated their 70th Anniversary in business and Sysco were invited along to join in the celebrations and meet a very special guest, The Princess Royal. All those in attendance were part of the wonderful history of The Forshaw Group, and had contributed to their success and culture, so we were delighted to be recognised and also to be able to meet some of the companies and individuals that have assisted them to be so successful.
Sysco have been working with The Forshaw Group for the last 4 years providing training to their administration staff. We have supported close to 15 of their staff to improve their skills and gain recognised qualifications, from Level 2 all the way through to Level 4, as well as recruiting suitable apprentices to meet the organisation’s needs. Jacqueline Fee, Alison Jones and Kelvin Coyle have all delivered training to The Forshaw Group's staff and feedback we have received has shown the training we have provided to have been very beneficial to their organisation, resulting in our ongoing working partnership.

The Forshaw Group are a Claims Management Company that work with large insurers to provide Domestic, Commercial, Industrial and Residential insurance related building repairs. As a company they have engaged with the apprenticeship programme at every level of the business and provide the option for young people in the area to succeed in a number of the traditional ‘trade’ based apprenticeship routes such as plumbing and electrics. This commitment to workplace training also extends to the modern apprenticeships Sysco deliver training in, such as business administration and customer service.
In attendance to meet with the Princess Royal were Becky Dutton, TFG’s Account Manager, Lisa Hill, Head of Quality, Jacqueline Fee, TFG’s current Training Advisor and Elliot McGaffney, Marketing Coordinator. Sysco were assigned a table in the boardroom and, having made our way through the tight security, settled at our station before networking with some of the other companies present and viewing the newly completed Apprentice Academy Training Centre, which was of particular interest to us.

Shortly after the tour, we were called back to our posts before eagerly awaiting our chance to be introduced to the Princess Royal. Managing Director of TFG, Liam Hanlon, escorted Her Royal Highness around the premises, stopping with each of the assorted charities such as the Rotary International and Lions International Clubs and Tri for Life, in addition to stakeholders such as the CITB and the Insurance Industry National Apprenticeship Academy, for a couple of minutes to discuss their input. When our turn came around, the Princess Royal showed both knowledge and interest in the Apprenticeship programme, agreeing with Liam and ourselves that the Apprenticeship route “offers an excellent route into business and provides an alternative to the traditional academic route”.
We’re proud to be able to provide an option for the region’s young people, helping those who don’t feel the academic route is right for them to start their careers and progress in the vocational areas that interest them. The awareness the royal family has in relation to this goal also gives us a boost and shows us that, even at the higher echelons of British society, apprenticeships are seen as a viable option to start a successful career in business.