End-Point Assessment (EPA) is a vital part of any apprenticeship, and Sysco, as the first Training Provider in the UK to complete a Housing EPA can provide your organisation with the very best advice for EPAs.

The government wants its trailblazer Apprenticeship reforms to include independent end-point assessments (EPA) in order to drive up productivity. Working with an apprenticeship company, like Sysco, who has extensive experience of the new apprenticeship standards, including the EPA, can be crucial in ensuring your organisation gets the most out of its apprenticeship programmes.
Apprenticeships give employers back control by letting them nurture and develop their own talent pools. Managed properly by a company like Sysco, they can greatly expand any company’s skills base and create a committed, able and highly competitive workforce.
The pressure and stress of an apprenticeship with an EPA can be compared to learning to drive with the EPA similar to taking a driving test. Sysco can help reduce the stress by helping and preparing your organisation and apprentice thoroughly beforehand due to our experience of the processes involved.
Sysco has been working in partnership with employers and skills experts such as the CIH and ILM in many trailblazer groups to provide feedback and testing on policies and procedures. This has meant that Sysco has helped to hone documentation and identify further guidance for other training providers getting ready for endpoint assessment.
Working with employers and End-Point Assessment Organisations (EPAOs), we have learnt some valuable lessons. Early involvement and forethought for the EPA from both the employer and Sysco is required early in the process and has ensured Sysco currently has a 75% Distinction rate in our specialist areas such as Housing.
Sysco's EPA planning involves the employer extensively and is considered and planned for at the outset of delivery. We work with EPAOs to have a flexible approach when engaging with employers. Agendas and employment demands can change in the workplace and the ability to respond to employers is a requirement of any successful EPA provision.
Sysco play a key role in ensuring that apprentices have a full understanding of what End-Point Assessment looks like and we provide a clear structure to the employer and apprentice.
Sysco has experience of supporting, preparing and guiding apprentices to ensure that during End-Point Assessment they perform to the highest level. We allow the apprentice to own their EPA process; it’s their apprenticeship and apprentices must understand that it is down to themselves to prepare, with our support.
end-point assessment
Fig1. - An overview of the apprenticeship programme - from sign up to EPA

One of the most important parts of ensuring the EPA is successful is through providing a robust gateway process that makes sure the apprentice has completed and understood the learnt elements of the apprenticeship. Sysco make sure every apprentice has reached the level of competence accepted by the employer at a recognised industry level before we put them forward for EPA.
The EPAO and Sysco aim to work with employers, especially those engaged with level two apprentices, to consider the impact of assessment. Sysco have a contractual agreement is in place for resits, complaints and appeals and outline the terms and conditions of the apprenticeship.
If you would like to find out more about how Sysco can help your organisation make the most out of its apprenticeship programme and have successful apprentices who pass the EPA first time then contact us by email info@sysco.uk.com or telephone 0151-236-1748 and ask to speak to one of our Business Development Executives.