Brighter Futures is an Ofsted grade 2 training provider based in Liverpool City Centre. We provide training to support Merseyside 16-18 year olds into employment. It is classed as full-time education enabling parents to continue to claim child benefit. We deliver Business Qualification that feature transferable skills in the following areas:

What is a Pre-Apprenticeship?

Our Pre-Apprenticeship study programme is a Government funded alternative to staying on at school that provides our learners’ with functional and vocational qualifications and prepares them for the workplace. Also provided is an 8 week work placement aimed at improving work skills and employability. Our Pre-Apprenticeship study programme has been developed to provide a valuable and fun learning experience for all of our students and, importantly, to lead to jobs. Our Pre features qualifications and additional skills that have been proven to be valuable to local employers and give our learners opportunities to interact with local employers during an 8 week work placement aimed at improving work skills and employability. The programme is work-related with the aim of ensuring all of our learners are ‘work-ready’ and valuable to the local economy following the completion of the course.

Why choose Brighter Futures and Sysco?

We pride ourselves in supporting young people to grow in confidence and experience and ultimately progressing them into employment or further education. As part of the Sysco group of companies, we use our network of employers and providers including Sysco Business Skills Academy to match our young people to real vacancies in a variety of sectors. The difference between us and a school or college is that, we not only support you with qualifications, but also into employment!

What will the Pre-Apprenticeship study programme do for you?

The Pre-Apprenticeship will provide you with the basis to confidently move on to a work placement. By increasing your proficiency in English and Maths and improving your C.V. and interview technique, as well as receiving a vocational qualification in Customer Service, Retail, Business Administration and Hospitality and Catering we can provide you with all the skills and experience you need to gain employment.

What comes next after the Pre-Apprenticeship?

Upon completion of the Pre-Apprenticeship study programme you will have the skills and experience to undertake an apprenticeship or to gain meaningful employment. We are committed to ensuring all our learners progress on their chosen career path and can provide you with apprenticeship opportunities using our strategic business partnerships in the area.


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