As a young learner, Sysco, is in the perfect position to give you the skills and experience necessary to find employment. If you are aged between 16 and 18 Sysco has a wide range of services to help you take your first steps on your chosen career path.
Sysco can support you from whatever level you start. Our OFSTED regulated Study Programmes and Traineeships provided by Brighter Futures, combined with Apprenticeships provided by Sysco Business Skills Academy will give you an industry specific qualification and the opportunity to put what you have learnt into practice within a work environment.
Brighter Futures is an Ofsted grade 2 training provider based in Liverpool City Centre in the heart of the employment growth areas. Our programmes are a Government funded alternative to staying on at school that provides our learners’ with functional and vocational qualifications that prepare them for the workplace. Brighter Futures provides Study Programmes and Traineeships that ensure Learners and school leavers aged between 16 and 18 are equipped with the skills and experience necessary to improve their employability.
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  • I recently achieved Level 1 functional skills in Mathematics at Brighter Futures. I started my work placement at a solicitors where I have developed my skills. I really enjoyed my time on placement and felt I learnt a lot. I found work soon after.
    Rebekah O
  • I completed sixth form and started at Brighter Futures. I have gained Level 1 functional skills in English and a World Host qualification. I started my work placement and really liked it.
    Sean B
  • I started a traineeship through Brighter Futures at John Lennon Airport working with Securitas. I found this work very interesting. I wrote up documents, updated spreadsheets after collecting data, helped passengers with enquiries, dealt with queues, assisted passengers passing through security and helped with X-Ray machines for luggage. I was made up when they offered me an interview and I got the job.
    Montel W
  • I came to Brighter Futures to gain work experience and develop my confidence as I was unsure what I wanted to do for work. I went on placement at a hair and beauty salon where I was answering phones and managing appointments as well as speaking to customers and cleaning up. I realised I would like to work in an office and Brighter Futures got me an apprenticeship in administration. I started at Pro Temp Active straight after the completion of my traineeship.
    Kellie B
  • Before I joined Brighter Futures I had finished college and achieved Hairdressing qualifications but I was struggling to find a job or apprenticeship. I joined Brighter Futures and during my time there I achieved a World Host qualification and gained valuable work experience at a solicitors where I learnt lots of new skills. I developed my skills and grew in confidence when talking to new people. I have now started work as an apprentice administration assistant.
    Leah W
  • I was completing my A-Levels at college and dropped out because I felt I was going nowhere. I joined Brighter Futures and started a work placement at Pro Kill in Bromborough. I really enjoyed my time on placement and learnt the importance of being in work and a lot relating to pest control. I completed my course with Brighter Futures and started my Apprenticeship with Pro Kill within 2 weeks.
    Dominic E