Sara Rawlinson at Gregory Abrams Davidson – Case Study

Case Study - Sara Rawlinson's journey with Sysco and Gregory Abrams Davidson into an Apprenticeship has seen Sara find the right path for her.

Sara Rawlinson is a Level 2 Business Administration Apprentice working with Gregory Abrams Davidson, a solicitors based in the North West. Sara settled on doing an Apprenticeship as it meant that not only could she learn whilst on the job but also see if law was the pathway she wanted to take in the future. We were delighted when Sara was successful in her application and we have been really pleased with her progress through the qualification. Here's Sara's story in her own words:
“Before I started my Apprenticeship, I was in college studying towards my A-levels in law, history and psychology however I realised this was not for me and began looking for apprenticeships. This was when I found Sysco. I felt an apprenticeship was the right path for me as it meant that not only could I learn whilst on the job but I could also see if law was the pathway I wanted to take in the future. Law has always appealed to me from when I was in school and so when the opportunity arose I was happy to take it.
I found out about the vacancy with Gregory Abrams Davidson as Sysco had placed me on a 3 month placement there, allowing me to gain the perfect skill set for the position. I felt that the business administration apprenticeship was the best option for me as, although it applies to law, it also applies to a lot of other jobs and therefore would be beneficial for me to have.
During the recruitment process I felt as though Sysco were very helpful prior to starting. Sysco went through interview techniques and personal statements with me preparing me for the process. Sysco have also been very helpful throughout my Apprenticeship as my assessor has been very helpful and if ever I have any questions or I am struggling with some work she will always do her best to explain it in a way that makes more sense for me to understand.
My assessor has made it clear that they will always be available for any assistance that I require. Personally, I feel the apprenticeship has made me a much more confident person and has given me a broader set skills in several areas such as IT, customer service and organisation skills. I feel that in the future the Apprenticeship will make me a better candidate. I feel like depending what further qualifications were available I would defiantly consider progressing further."
Image courtesy of Gregory Abrams Davidson Case Study

Danielle Lloyd, Sara's line manager at Gregory Abrams Davidson has worked with Sysco for a number of years and has been impressed by Sara' progress.

“We have had a few candidates from Sysco all of who have settled in really well. One candidate Sara Rawlinson who is based at our head office and is front of house has gone from strength to strength and is a key member of our team who also has the ability of also working of her own.
Sara is doing an NVQ level 2 business admin and with the help from Alison at Sysco she will be finishing this shortly. This has helped her in her role at Gregory Abrams Davidson and helped to build her confidence and understanding within an office environment.”