Register of Approved Training Provider (RoATP)

From May 2017, levied employers will be able to choose a provider from a new register, the register of apprenticeship training providers (RoATP). The register will encourage diversity and competition in the provider market, supporting quality and employer choice.
The register reforms are central to the broader apprenticeship reforms being introduced to drive up the quality and quantity of apprenticeships. By introducing higher quality requirements for providers, we aim to improve the quality of the offer available to employers. The register of apprenticeship training providers will give employers a level of assurance that the providers they are using have the capacity and capability to delivery good quality apprenticeship training.
Overall, employers welcomed our more robust approach to quality and the focus on employer engagement, and the main proposals on the structure and scope of the register were supported. However, some wider raised concerns with the pace of change, and we have reflected this feedback in our final policy.

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