The New Apprenticeship Standards and Bandings

The new standards put employers in control of designing apprenticeships, so people are equipped with the skills that meet the needs of their organisation. The reforms are:
  • Replacing the existing complex frameworks with short, simple, accessible apprenticeship standards describing the skills and knowledge that an individual needs to be fully competent in an occupation; and written by employers in a language they understand.
  • Improving the quality of apprenticeships through higher expectations of English and maths, more rigorous testing to ensure the apprentice is fully competent and raising aspirations for apprentices by introducing grading at the end of the apprenticeship.
  • Giving employers control of the funding so that they become more demanding customers. Over 200 Trailblazers involving more than 1,400 employers with 260 standards have already been published (of which over 70 are higher and Degree apprenticeships) and more than 180 new standards are being developed.
The new apprenticeships are in a broad range of sectors from nuclear to fashion, law, banking and defence. There have been 4,200 starts on new standards in occupations such as software developer and aerospace engineer. The first apprenticeship starts on the new standards began in September 2014.
Guidance for employers on the standards development process as well as a list of approved standards and those in development are available at GOV.UK, search ‘apprenticeship standards’.
The Government are also simplifying Apprenticeship funding by placing every Apprenticeship into one of 15 funding bands, ranging from £1,500 to £27,000. The values for each band can be found in the table below:
Funding Band NumberBand Upper Limit
Band 1£1,500
Band 2£2,000
Band 3£2,500
Band 4£3,000
Band 5£3,500
Band 6£4,000
Band 7£5,000
Band 8£6,000
Band 9£9,000
Band 10£12,000
Band 11£15,000
Band 12£18,000
Band 13£21,000
Band 14£24,000
Band 15£27,000

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