Case Study - Charley Woods’s journey from Estate Agency to Parliamentary Assistant using knowledge and experience gained from the Apprenticeship programme

Charley Woods is a Level 3 Business Administration Apprentice working with Steve Rotheram, the Member of Parliament for Walton, as a Parliamentary Assistant. Charley had just completed her Level 2 Business Administration in an Estate Agency with another provider and was looking for a new role in order to progress. While searching the National Apprenticeship Service website, Charley came across the Sysco vacancy with Steve Rotheram and applied. As soon as our recruitment adviser saw Charley's CV she was impressed and contacted her that day, performing a quick telephone interview and arranging a further interview with Steve's office. We were delighted when Charley was successful in her application and have been really pleased with her progress through the qualification. Here's Charley's story in her own words:
Image courtesy of Case Study
“After leaving school I originally planned to go to college to do a course on Business Studies, but the course was cancelled at short notice due to a lack of students. Not knowing what route to go down I did some research on apprenticeships, particularly business related ones, until I found one that I thought I would be suited too. Starting an apprenticeship was an excellent opportunity for me as I was still getting the qualification I originally planned to get in college with the bonus of getting a wage at the end of the month. Before starting my Level 3 Apprenticeship with Steve Rotheram in November, I had finished a Level 2 Qualification working at an Estate Agency also as an apprentice.
I personally have always found politics interesting but wasn’t an expert and the idea of learning more about it really appealed to me. Business Administration was also something I wanted to have a qualification in as I believe it will be beneficial in the future when applying for jobs in an office environment. I found the vacancy by looking online with my mum, who pointed out that she had heard of Steve and said it would be a great opportunity to work for a member of parliament.
I remember emailing Sysco’s recruitment advisor when I saw the job vacancy and she literally called me back within minutes asking for a copy of my CV to send over to Steve’s team. She then arranged an interview and checked that I was available and prepared every step of the way. She also called me before and after my interview to see how it all went and made me feel really looked after.
I now see my Training Advisor once or twice a month when she comes to me in the office to see how I am doing and sets me work for my Level 3 Qualification. I have her number and email address so if I am ever struggling with anything she is always there to help. Starting a Level 3 Apprenticeship is a step up from the previous Level 2 qualification however it isn’t something that is a burden. I enjoy learning and progressing to higher level work and it does make a difference day to day even if it’s just writing an email of a higher standard or being more organised. Being an apprentice for nearly two years has 100% helped with my confidence when to comes to dealing with other staff and clients compared to when I first started and had just left school.
I personally believe that the qualification will definitely benefit me as I have already learnt so much. I have experience not only from the qualification I am completing but also getting up every day and going to a workplace which a lot of young people won’t do until they leave college/university. After finishing my Level 3 Qualification I would love to be able to progress to a higher-level qualification and have even spoken to Alison about degree level possibilities in the future.”