Sysco Business Skills Academy adult learners
There are a number of different circumstances that require adult learners to have further workplace training and upskilling. Whether you have been promoted into a new role that requires you to take on new responsibilities and exercise new skills and abilities or thinking about changing career, moving into a new job can require a totally different set of skills.
An Apprenticeship could make a big difference to your career progression and provide you with skills and experience to make a difference in your new role. Sysco can support you from whatever level you start. Our OFSTED regulated Apprenticeships will give you an industry specific qualification and the opportunity to put what you have learnt into practice within a work environment. Our adult learners Apprenticeships are a Government funded alternative to Further Education that provides our adult learners with qualifications earned in the the workplace.

  • Liverpool Housing Trust has been working with Sysco for a number of years and we have found their help and assistance with the training of our Apprentices to be excellent. Sysco have been flexible with our requests, have provided an excellent level of customer service and make the process very easy for both the employer and the apprentice
    Jane Smith, Regeneration Officer
    Liverpool Housing Trust
  • We have worked closely with Sysco to help signpost our tenants onto employability courses to help them to move closer into employment. And we have had several success stories as a result. The training helped to build confidence and remove barriers for tenants when gaining employment.
  • I thought the course was worthwhile, as it not only taught me invaluable skills for a future management role but also gave me more confidence in my everyday tasks. Being selected made me feel like Hewden care about their employees advancing their careers. It was interesting also to spend more time with colleagues from other departments and to get an insight into different areas of the business